Nitrogen deficiencies

Chlorosis of the basilar leaves and of the whole crown - Lack of growth or stunted growth - General yellowing of foliage, starting from older leaves - Loss of leaves under severe deficiency - Purplish colouration due to accumulation of anthocyanin pigments.

Remedy usage of specific products

Phosphorous deficiencies

Green tissues are darker than usual, taking on a reddish or purple coloration - Leaves necrosis - Reduced fruit quality.

Remedy usage of specific products

Potassium deficiencies

Marginal Chlorosis with foliar curling, especially at tips and margins between veins - Roots more susceptible to disease.

Remedy usage of specific products

Role in plant nutrition


Takes part in amino acids synthesis and plays an important role in protein development and in chlorophyll synthesis.


Contained in the cell membranes, favourites the growth of the meristem.


Regulates stomatic functions and takes part in protein synthesis.

Damaged crops