Cuproamin FMZ





IBC's kg. 1250
Drums kg. 250
Tanks kg. 30

CUPROAMIN FMZ is a liquid fertilizer containing Copper, chelated Iron, Manganese and Zinc. The high content of Copper and Micronutrients favours, together with a nutritive action, also a bactericide and fungicide action protecting the root system.


Copper (Cu) water soluble 4%
Iron (Fe) EDTA water soluble 0,5%
Manganese (Mn) water soluble 0,5%
Zinc (Zn) water soluble 0,5%

Dosage and usage procedures (fertigation)

Citrus - Top Fruit 40-100 Kg/Ha
Grapes 40-100 Kg/Ha
Melon and Cucumber 30-50 Kg/Ha
Artichoke - Strawberry 40-100 Kg/Ha
Field and Greenhouse vegetables 30-60 Kg/Ha
Ornamental plants and Floriculture 20-40 Kg/Ha

Dosage always depends on different factors (plant’s age, growth stage, climatic conditions, temperature, etc). The product displays good miscibility and compatibility, however, we advise preliminary tests and treatment of a few plants before extending to the whole area.