Maturatutto L




Bottles Kg. 1
Tanks Kg. 6

MATURATUTTO L is an organic fertilizer made with low molecular weight laevorotatory animo acids obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis and with a high content of Methionine and Phenylalanine. Methionine is precursor of ethylene, a vegetal hormone involved in plant germination and fruits maturation. Phenylalanine is precursor of anthocyanins and flavonols, the pigments responsible for fruits colouration. Usage of MATURATUTTO L allows growth enhancement and plants germination, maturation improvement, better fruits size and pigmentation and sugar content. MATURATUTTO L activates the physiological process and improves the metabolic activity of the plants.


Total Nitrogen (N) 6,5%
Organic Nitrogen (N) 6,5%
Biological Organic (C) Carbon 18%
Enriched with Methionine and Phenylalanine

Dosage and usage procedures (foliar applications)

Citrus - Fruit trees - Table grapes 300 g/Hl
Kiwi 300-400 g/Hl
Field vegetables 250 g/Hl
Greenhouse vegetables 300 g/Hl
Strawberries 200 g/Hl

Dosage always depends on different factors (plant’s age, growth stage, climatic conditions, temperature, etc) and can be increased or decreased according to your requirements. DO NOT MIX WITH ACID PRODUCTS.